Wireless Internet

We are a “fixed-wireless” Internet Service Provider. In order to receive our service we must install a radio, similar to a satellite dish, on your home or business.

Internet Packages


2 mb/s down and 512 kb/s up*** ———- $30.41/mo**

5 mb/s down**** and 1.0 mb/s up*** ———- $41.24/mo**

7 mb/s down**** and 2.0 mb/s up***———- $62.89/mo**



2 mb/s down and 512kb/s up*** ———- $32.48/mo

5 mb/s down and 1.0mb/s up*** ———- $43.30/mo

7 mb/s down and 2.0 mb/s up***——— $64.95/mo

10 mb/s down and 2.0 mb/s up****———$108.25/mo

12 mb/s down and 2.0 mb/s up****————$139.64/mo


Having problems with lagging gaming or slow browsing speeds? For an additional $10/mo or a $125 one time fee, customers can request a managed Wifi Router that allows QOS and bandwidth allocation to specific devices on your network.

Example Configuration: Gaming systems get priority. Each device will be allowed 2M out of your total 5M package for streaming and downloads. This allows for each device to get equal access to the overall total of 5M, while individually only being able to use 2M which is usually enough to stream a low to mid definition video.

Click on our coverage map below to make sure we can offer your home or business service.



*Residential accounts require customer to pay a $100.00 installation charge and agree to a one year agreement. If account becomes inactive before one year of service is completed, customer is charged additional $100.00 installation charge.
**Residential accounts require customer to sign up with monthly "auto-draw" on a debit/credit card or bank draft. If account does not sign up with "auto-draw" an additional $10/mo plus tax will be added to account.
***Speeds are not guaranteed.
****Not available in all areas. Legacy plans of 1.5M/512k 3M/1M and 5M/1M respectfully still exist. Upgrades are underway for remaining tower sites with legacy plans still active.