High Speed Internet

We are a “fixed-wireless” Internet Service Provider. In order to receive our service we must install a radio, similar to a satellite dish, on your home or business.

Internet Packages


1.5mb/s down and 512kb/s up*** ———- $30.41/mo**

3.0mb/s down and 1.0mb/s up*** ———- $41.24/mo**


1.5mb/s down and 512kb/s up*** ———- $32.48/mo

3.0mb/s down and 1.0mb/s up*** ———- $43.30/mo



Need a more dedicated service? We offer customized commercial packages as well, which always include a custom installation and monthly service quote.

We offer high speed packages in almost all of McCulloch County, including Brady, Mason, Menard, Hext, Melvin, Rochelle, Voca, Fredonia, Placid, Lohn, Fife, Rockwood, Doole, Pear Valley, Salt Gap, and most of Millersview, Lake Ivie, Winchell and Brownwood.

Our coverage map is below. For a more detailed look try launching your area’s map with Google Earth.



For a closer look the .kmz files are below. (Google Earth Application is required)

Brady Area

North of Brady (1121 Area)

Southeastern McCulloch County

Northeast McCulloch County

Brownwood Area

Southwest McCulloch/Northern Mason County

Rochelle Area

Mason County

Lohn-Pear Valley-Doole-Millersview-Lake Ivie

Menard County

Northeast Menard County

London Area

Hext Area

Melvin Area

Winchell Area

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*Residential accounts require customer to agree to one year agreement. Upon completion of one year agreement, the $100.00 installation charge is waived. If account becomes inactive before one year of service is completed, customer is charged $100.00 installation charge.
**Residential accounts require customer to sign up with monthly "auto-draw" on a debit/credit card. If account does not sign up with "auto-draw" an additional $10/mo plus tax will be added to account.
***Speeds are not guaranteed.