We are a “fixed-wireless” Internet Service Provider. In order to receive our service we must install a radio, similar to a satellite dish, on your home or business.

Internet Packages


1.5 mb/s down and 512 kb/s up*** ———- $30.41/mo**

3.0 mb/s down and 1.0 mb/s up*** ———- $41.24/mo**

5.0 mb/s down and 1.0 mb/s up***———- $62.89/mo**



1.5mb/s down and 512kb/s up*** ———- $32.48/mo

3.0 mb/s down and 1.0mb/s up*** ———- $43.30/mo

5.0 mb/s down and 1.0 mb/s up***——— $64.95/mo

8.0 mb/s down and 1.0 mb/s up***———$108.25/mo


Need a more dedicated service? We offer customized commercial packages as well, which always include a custom installation and monthly service quote.

Click on our coverage map below to make sure we can offer your home or business service.



*Residential accounts require customer to agree to one year agreement. Upon completion of one year agreement, the $100.00 installation charge is waived. If account becomes inactive before one year of service is completed, customer is charged $100.00 installation charge.
**Residential accounts require customer to sign up with monthly "auto-draw" on a debit/credit card. If account does not sign up with "auto-draw" an additional $10/mo plus tax will be added to account.
***Speeds are not guaranteed.