Fiber to the Home

We are proud to announce the planned construction of phase 1 for fiber delivery to the homes and businesses in Brady.

With the ever growing need for more bandwidth, Brady Communications is paving the way for the future.


Below is an example of our first residential build-out in Brady, we will focus on the residents and businesses between W 17th Street & W China Street. This is only an example and does not specifically represent the path of each fiber-optic run.


Pricing and Packages

10Mb Down @ $45/Month*

20Mb Down @ $75/Month*

30Mb Down @ $99/Month*


To have your name and address added to the install list please call 325-597-9434.


* Prices do not include tax. Installation charges and wait times may vary. Requires 1 year commitment for new residential customers. Construction process and agreements are currently underway, however it is a timely process and will not be done overnight. Bandwidth and speeds are not guaranteed.